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Attractive spaces for better livability


We create attractive living environments that have a wide range of uses and offer extremely pleasant experiences.

Pleasant outdoor spaces where people enjoy spending their time invariably feature a diverse range of spaces that can be used for leisure, exercise and playing.

Attractive living environments are the product of a rich blend of different elements.

We attach great importance to it

Mix of uses

By implementing a targeted mix of uses featuring ground-floor businesses with public appeal, we design our sites to be diverse and attractive living environments that allow people to meet many of their daily needs within walking distance.

Pleasant experiences

By creating exceptional outdoor spaces designed to enable a wide variety of encounters, we can offer visitors more pleasant experiences and promote the attractiveness of our sites.

Flexible uses

We anticipate tenants’ and customers’ future needs and ensure that we can respond swiftly to changing requirements by providing flexible, mixed-use buildings.

Building quality

High-quality buildings allow us to meet the needs of tenants over the long term. That also includes being able to adapt the buildings to changing climatic conditions to ensure tenants’ and users’ comfort and well-being.

Metalli Living Space – the vision takes shape

Overall Project Manager Florian Diener on the future living space in the heart of the city of Zug.

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